PPG Chairs Expert Panel at 2nd Annual Breakbulk Asia Conference and Exhibition in Singapore


“Regional Market: Australia” will be a key point of discussion during the 2nd Annual Breakbulk Asia Conference and Exhibition at the Suntec Convention Center in Singapore from 26-27 January 2010. Australia is one of the hottest regions for oil and gas exploration. Chevron and BP recently were awarded the development of the Gorgon field on the North West Shelf, and other projects are gearing up in the Timor Sea and to the north. Speakers will discuss what breakbulk and project cargoes are moving in and out of Australia, and the challenges involved. The session will be moderated by Mr Kevin Stephens, General Manager, of multi-modal solutions provider Project Professionals Group.


More than 1,500 people took part in The Journal of Commerce’s first Breakbulk Asia Transportation Conference and Exhibition. Asia’s role as an up and coming economic power is similar to that of North America a century ago or of Europe two centuries ago. From mature economies such as Japan to emerging powerhouses such as China and India, Asia has become the breadbasket of the breakbulk transportation world. But with that tremendous growth comes complications: export issues, port congestion, vessel capacity shortages, inexperience in handling special cargoes, and infrastructure issues.