PPG Singapore Conclude Record CBU Lift

CBU3 PPG Singapore, WPC Marine And Offshore Services, has successfully concluded the shipment of a huge CBU (Continous Barge Unloader) to Indonesia. The CBU weighed in at 600 tonnes and was the the first ever assembled in Indonesia and the biggest Coal loading conveyor to be install in Indonesia.WPCMOS was engaged by a leading Asia Coal Supplier to assemble, transport and install the massive CBU unit to Bontang, Kalimantan, Indonesia. WPCMOS also organised the transportation of fabricated steel structures from China and major electrical component from Germany to our Batam yard for assembly. It was carefully rolled off on to a specially design 280ft ballastable work barge and after 6 months of assembly was towed by a 4000BHP Anchor Handling Tug to Bontang, Indonesia. This CBU is first unit ever assembled and installed in Indonesia.