PPG Vietnam Provide Vital Relief to Victims of Mirinae Storm in Binh Dinh Province


PPG member for Vietnam, Vantage Logistics Corp, believe in their social responsibilities by proving urgent relief to victims of the recent devastating Mirinae storms in Binh Dinh province, Vietnam. Vantage believe it is their social responsibility to assist their fellow countrymen during this difficult situation, according to Ms. Florence Lam.



Initial figures show that total loss is around VND5,000 billion (about US$29 million). Up to 7 Nov 2009, the Mirinae storm killed 116 people (Binh Dinh province: 22; Khanh Hoa: 13; Ninh Thuan: 1; Gia Lai: 5; Daklak 2; Binh Dinh: 10; and Phu Yen: 7. 135 people were injured (Quang Ngai: 7; Binh Dinh: 45; Phu Yen: 56; Khanh Hoa: 9; Daklak: 18. Around 1,957 houses collapsed; 37,928 houses lost the roof; 58,096 houses damaged; 824 classrooms, 115 infirmaries and pepole’s committee offices were seriously flood damaged.


The flood and storm also destroyed 19,061ha rice fields; 13,578ha of various vegetables and essential foods flooded, damaged or destroyes; 30,056ha corn, sugar cane flooded; 1,069ha fish/shrimp ponds flooded/damaged; 21,626 floating basin of sea products broken; 332 ships, vessels drifted, sunk or badly damaged. In Binh Dinh province alone 22 people died, 10 people lost, 45 people injured, 600 houses totally collapsed; 4,622 houses lost the roof; 52,030 houses flooded. Total loss about VND1,047 billion (about US6 million).

The Worst effected areas:

  •  Phuong Nhon Binh village, Nhon Phu ward - Qui Nhon city
  •  Tuy Phuoc district
  •  Van Canh district

Ms. Lam further advised that due to the tragic situation of their fellow countrymen, Vantage decided to provide relief to people of Canh An 2 village, Phuoc Thanh ward and Tuy Phuoc district. The village has 612 families with all houses flooded, partly or totally collapsed, properties, livestock, poultries, plants and other properties washed away. Children also lost their books and school uniforms. Vantage arranged to send 100 relief gifts including instant food and relief clothing to these regions and are also collecting books and uniforms to send to the children. Vantage also plan to help a poor family (the husband is handicapped and cannot work, the wife is a small trader with low income and their two children are very young, to rebuild their house.