Laredo City and the port of Corpus Christi have signed an agreement. The signees were, inter alia, Laredo's mayor Pete Saenz, the Texan city manager Jesus Olivares, congressman Henry Cuellar and Texas state representative Richard Peña Raymond, together with the port authorities John La Rue, executive director and Charles W. Zahn, chairman of the Texan port commission.


GLOBAL networking and project forwarding education organisation, the Project Professionals Group, will on Saturday August 27 mark its 10 year annivaersay. Founder and general manager, Kevin Stephens said since forming the network it had attracted “an experienced and trusted group of project forwarders”.

Shin-Jo Logitech Co., Ltd. In Korea are presently at Iki Island, Japan, for towing floating equipment (SCP Barge) to Korea. All arrangements for towing have just been completed. One unit of 4,600HP of ocean towing tug will tow this equipment. Safe voyage!

Saturday 27 August marks the 10th year of Project Professionals Group. PPG founder and general manager Kevin Stephens said since forming the network it had attracted an experienced and trusted group of project forwarders from around the world. “Managing high value project cargos is a specialized industry and I am very proud of the reputation our members have in meeting the needs of their clients,” Mr Stephens said. “PPG has very loyal members and sponsors and I would like to thank them all for their support over the past 10 years.”


Heavy Lift & Project Forwarding International July/August 2016 issue featuring article and advert on PPG's project forwarding education program (Pages 124 - 127).

Logistics Middle East Magazine has named Mr. Baheej Biqawi, Almajdouie Logistics CEO and PPG member, as the 5th most influential logistics executive in the Middle East.


Integral, Chile, have secured the project forwarding contract for local and international logistics of 16 of engines for temporary export to China for maintenance. Following refurbishment, the engines will then be returned to Chile.


Integral’s scope of works includes collection and transport  from the airline’s maintenance area, supervision of loading, lashing of cargo for which there are quality procedures and loading by air.


Integral Chile SA successfully concluded several deliveries of 109 MT Transformers and 320cbm accessories and spare parts for the “Renaico” Wind Power Project I the north of Chile.


The project included maritime transport and DAP services from Shanghai to the Enel Green Power company’s park in Sierra Gorda, near to Calama in the Atacama desert.


Integral Chile SA successfully arranged the first of several deliveries of 28 fans and 132 x 20’ TEU’s at 25 monthly containers with accessories and spare parts. The cargo is for the Metro De Santiago Subway expansion project. The Metro De Santiago is one of the most modern in Latin America, for which Integral Chile SA are providing services under DAP conditions.


TransProject, PPG member for USA, successfully arrange ship (BBC Everest) to barge of a 604,000 lb Splitter discharge for delivery to Refinery. Excellent work by Susan St Germaine and her team at TransProject!