Conveyor Logistics Power Ahead in Bangladesh

Conveyor Logistics Ltd. recently successfully completed one of the most challenging Heavy Lift handling operations in Bangladesh for the 275MW Barapukuria Coal Fired Thermal Power Station-3rd Unit.


Project Details:

Project: 275mw Barapukuria Coal Fired Thermal Power Station – 3rd unit

EPC: Harbin Electric International Company Ltd.

Project Location: Dinajpur, Bangladesh


Heavy Lift Details: 

Boiler Drum (19.8 x 3.22 x 2.37m), GWT: 199 Ton

Deaerator (26.8 x 4.95 x 4.08m), GWT: 90 Ton

Stator Assembly (8.1 x 3.8 x 3.87m), GWT: 195 To



Conveyor Logistics Ltd. was employed to receive cargo at Ports of Entry (Mongla & Chittagong), inland transportation by road and river, and delivery at the site. The heavylift cargo consisting of a Drum, Stator Assembly and Deaerator were received from the vessel at Mongla Port on flat barges and were transported by river from Mongla to Balashight.  The HL and ODC were unloaded by barges using the RORO method and transported to the Balashighat near to the plant area. From Balashight the Drum, Deaerator and Stator Assembly were transported by an SPMT to the power plant area.