Delivery & Erection 5 Units CO2 Tanks at Hong Kong Desalination Plant

Wangfoong Transportation Limited (Hong Kong) delivered, erected, and positioned 5 units of CO2 tanks at Hong Kong desalination plant. Shipment details: 5 units of CO2 tanks (each: 50 tons / 16.2*4.3*4.376m)


Scope of work:

1) Provision of 230 ton crane barge to collect cargo under hook alongside inbound mother vessel.

2) Transport cargo by barge to client’s jetty within limited operating hours.

3) Lifting of cargo onto extensible trailers with barge crane, delivery to CO2 (Carbon dioxide) building.

4) Once trailer arrived in front of CO2 building, we performed tandem lifting (500 tons and 200 tons mobile cranes) to erect and position the tanks onto foundation template rings, with the assistance of 45m Aerial platform for hooking and unhooking between lifting for this over-height cargo.


With extensive preparation works, we managed to control the operation with a condensed time frame.