PPG China BB Delivery Hong Kong to Power Plant Station


Wangfoong Transportation Limited is proud to announce that it is successfully handled and delivered more than 45,200cbm of generator, gas turbine, power plant accessories ranging from a few tons up to 450 tons per piece to CLP Power Plant Station. Project duration started from January and fully completed by August 2022. Wangfoong utilised a number of barges and resources for these deliveries (ranging from 1,500cbm to 10,000cbm per each shipment) 




Scope of work:  

  • Provision of barges to receive cargo from Hong Kong midstream ship alongside inbound mother vessel 

  • Provide lashing and welding service, secured cargoes on barge preventing movement during transport  

  • Cargoes remain storage on barge before delivery 

  • Deliver to Power Plant Station according to updated loading plan and instruction 

(Co-ordinate day to day changes on flexible plans with Power Plant Station) 




Unforeseeable weather and site constraints were a big challenge on this project, but Wangfoong managed to complete the project successfully.