PPG China Delivery ex Nantong factory to Hong Kong site via Guangzhou

Wangfoong Transportation Limited, specializing in project cargo, recently handled another successful oversize RO-rack delivery from Nantong Factory to Hong Kong Desalination Plant


Cargo details:

1st shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 5 Pipe spools + 2 lifting frames / 403,492kgs / 3,446.2cbm

2nd shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 7 Pipe spools + 1 lifting frames / 400,895kgs / 3,420.28cbm

3rd shipment: 4 Ro Racks + 4 Pipes + 2 lifting tools + 7 wooden boxes / 144,946.8kgs / 1,759.72cbm


For each RO-rack (Reverse Osmosis) with 88.6 tons (9.1m L x 8.9m W x 9.4m H), Wangfoong project team had thorough planning on the transport method to ensure a safe & cost-efficient delivery. This project is the first-of-its-kind facility in Hong Kong using Reverse Osmosis (RO) technology to provide the city with an alternative water resource, and Wangfoong was responsible for the RO-rack delivery using deck barge from Nantong factory, transferring cargo to tank barge using floating crane in Guangzhou, barge delivery ex Guangzhou and cross the Victoria Harbor to Hong Kong.


Scope of work:


Method statement, risk assessment, stability report


Daily reporting to clients from loading to delivery


High quality cargo lashing, survey report


Insurance, custom clearance


Barge delivery, transloading


Transport and skidding the 9m RO-racks to the building


With client’s support and long planning, we coordinated with all related parties for smooth execution and finally cargo was delivered to the site on time and in good condition.