PPG Germany Conclude Sugar Factory Project From China and Germany to USA

PPG Germany, Roland Logistik GmbH, has successfully concluded the movement of a complete sugar factory from Shanghai and Zhangjiagang to Bay City, Michigan to the Michigan Sugar Company. The project commenced in June 2022 with sea freight and air freight shipments from Germany and concludes with a charter vessel for the heavy lift cargoes. The project involved pre-carriage from two factories at China as well as port handling of all cargo which included 65 heavy pieces and total volume of 4,000 RT at Zhangjiagang port.


Roland Logistik booked a BBC charter and shipped all cargoes to Bay City Port and also handled the on-carriage from arrival the Michigan Sugar Company. Experienced Roland staff personally escorted the delivery from Bay City Port to Michigan sugar with overall coordination over 3 weeks. A major goal was timely coordination with the vessel at the port of destination before the great lakes froze over and were closed by the authorities.