PPG Germany Excel Despite Strict Deadlines

kgfgmy1.jpg  PPG Germany, Karl Gross Internationale Spedition GmbH, have successfully concluded a major shipment of eight (8) Exchangers for the Petroleum Industry. Under strict delivery deadlines The order for Karl Gross Hamburg was Ex-Works Berlin up to CFR Hong Kong via the Port of Hamburg and faced two specific challenges (1) Careful handling with attention to detail and cargo sensitivities; and (2) Penalties for the German Customer if the overall transit time exceeded 30 days due to a contractual fixed delivery date from Hamburg to Hong Kong. 

Each Exchanger weighed 40 tonnes, with dimensions of L 24.00 m x W 4.60 m x H 2.00 m . 


As there were no break bulk vessels available within the required time frame and with such a short transit time to Asia, the head of Karl Gross’ Project Department made the decision to transport the Exchangers on board a container vessel and stowed the 8 Exchangers as break-bulk on a bed of 10 x 40' Flat Racks. Because of the normal 37-day transit time to Hongkong, Karl Gross paid a Lumpsum freight to change the usual port rotation of the container vessel to ensure that the cargo arrived in Hong Kong port in 30days!