PPG Japan and Vietnam help to protect Phu Quoc’s pristine Environment

Recently PPG Japan (Allfort) and PPG Vietnam (Vantage) contributed their part in the protection of Phu Quoc’s environment. Phu Quoc is a beautiful island South of Vietnam, located in Gulf of Thailand. In line with PPG’s commitment to SmartWay, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, PPG members are constantly striving to explore eco-friendly solutions. The nature of the island is still unexploited, with its pristine beaches, laid-back vibes, golden-brown sands and calm and peaceful atmosphere. All of this results in a really relaxing paradise-like location that needs to be preserved for future generations.  phuquoc1.jpg
phuquoc2.jpg    With its beauty and nature, Phu Quoc is also deservedly known as “Pearl Island”. Allfort and Vantage jointly handled a mini-waste water treatment factory to Phu Quoc and after a six-month trial run, their customer will invest 5 other water treatment factories with a total daily capacity 200,000cbm, which will provide water treatment for the whole island. Allfort and Vantage have been appointed as the logistics survey and consultant partner and are delighted to be associated with such a project in a pristine location that needs to be caressed and protected.
 phuquoc3.jpg   With its beauty and peace, the Vietnamese Government has targeted to develop Phu Quoc to a special zone of tourism and relaxation. They are currently seeking investment on sustainable resorts, clean energy and water treatment plants.