PPG Korea Conclude Mega Petrochemical Projects to China

Shin-Jo Logitech Co., Ltd. Korea, have successfully and safely concluded a mega project shipment for the petrochemical industry from Korea to China. The overall volume totalled 5,200cbm including 2 units, each 41.00m x 6.50m x 6.60m / 679tonnes; and 2 units 19.50m x 5.90m x 6.80m / 230tonnes.


In an impressive operation, Shin-Jo's overall scope included:


1. Transportation plan from shipper's factory to POD in China

2. Engineering data for sea fastening, stowage, load-out and berthing plan at Onsan port.

3. Full Charter of suitable deck-carrier

4. Inland Transportation

5. Loading on the vessel by SPMT (Roll-on)

6. Sea fastening

7. Ocean transportation from Onsan to China

8. Surveyor arrangements throughout the entire project