PPG Rebrands and Launches New Logo

ppg_logo_landscape.gifFollowing its successful launch in August 2007, PPG can now proudly claim to be the largest dedicated project forwarding network with 119 Member locations in 86 countries worldwide. This wonderful effort was achieved in just six months after incorporation and we take this opportunity to thank our Advisory Committee, headed by Susan St. Germain, as well as our overall Membership and Major Sponsors for their continued support.  PPG decided it was timely to re-brand itself to better highlight and enhance its overall aims, goals and aspirations. The initial jigsaw globe highlighted how our members can solve logistics puzzles. Our new logo, an adapted version of the Plimsoll Load Line, is synonymous with innovation and safety which are vital factors within the project sector, coupled with our commitment to green initiatives via SmartWway, the USA EPA Governing Body. 

A major aim of changing to the innovative Plimsoll theme, is a creative departure to the overused and tired theme of planes, trains, ships and globes that we currently see many networks using.  Our ongoing goal is to maintain and continuously build the best network of project forwarding professionals in the world, whilst partnering with one another to build business and increase market awareness.