PPG supports SmartWay green transport solutions

smartway.gifIn a world first, the world’s largest and most innovative Project Cargo Network, Project Professionals Group (PPG), has met with the United States Environmental Protection Agency to explore eco-friendly transport solutions. Consequently, PPG has been accepted as an Affiliate Member of SmartWay. PPG General Manager Kevin Stephens, based in Brisbane, Australia, and advisory committee chair and Director of Projects, TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, Susan St. Germain met recently in Seattle with the United States Environmental Protection Agency SmartWay Transport Partnership to discuss initiatives that increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollution.



US-based PPG member TransGroup has introduced TransNeutral - Eco-Responsible Transport Logistics, one of the first carbon-neutral logistics solutions for the freight forwarding industry, and has appointed a director of environmental initiatives to improve the environmental impact of their freight operations.


  Mr Stephens said PPG was committed to finding green transport solutions to the capacity challenges facing project cargo transporters and had agreed to help promote globally the SmartWay Transport Partnership.     “Our meeting with a representative of the EPA’s SmartWay was very productive and provided the opportunity to discuss initiatives such as TransGroup’s leadership of its greenhouse gas emission reduction program through Trans-Neutral,” Mr Stephens said.   “SmartWay was very supportive of how an international group such as PPG can assist its members and governments in various countries to support emission reduction initiatives for our industry.”   


PPG with 98 members in 70 countries plans to promote the SmartWay Program within its network, particularly freight forwarding using fuel-efficient vehicles, rail and sail ships, as well as determining the carbon footprint of existing transport methods and then to evaluate alternatives to reduce it.    


Mr Stephens said the PPG planned to develop a green logistics strategy for consideration by members that would more closely engage with customers, to encourage a greater use of fuel efficient rail and sea services over longer line haul routes. He said a greater focus would be placed on achieving reduced emissions through enhanced supply chain efficiency.