SHIP USA Completed the 1st of 6 Shipments of the ITER Project Central Solenoid Module Transport to France

StGermain Heavy Industrial Projects (SHIP), in collaboration with PPG Member LV Shipping also had to have a trailer fabricated for this move.


SHIP had the trailer built to carry these from San Diego to Houston – the girder hanging system allows us to have the lowest height profile (under 15’) and therefore use highway most of the way. Overall it is 259’ 8” long including the one pull and two push prime movers.


Value is US$200 million. Components are Central Solenoid Modules which are basically the worlds strongest magnet. When six of these are stacked and activated it can lift an aircraft carrier out of the ocean – it is that strong. It is used to power a tokamak (particle accelerator) and create the fusion reaction between hydrogen atoms by accelerating the plasma.


it is about 19’ in dia and weighs about 300,000 lbs. It is extremely sensitive to vibrations and harmonics, so the girders create a dampening effect as the vibration travels through protecting the module.  SHIP proved this as they found a similar truck and had the trucker put these sensors along the girders to prove it to the client.