TERA Projects & Shipping Deliver Malt Treatment Tank

PPG Member in Malaysia, TERA Projects & Shipping have arranged the delivery of a Malt Treatment Tank from Lianyungang, China to Penang, Malaysia. The tank dimensions, including the saddle, were L12.000m x 4.350m diameter / 35 mt.


TERA’s scope was to deliver the unit to the client’s door located 50km away from Penang port. Due to the 4.350m height, coupled with legal highway height limit of only 5.200m, TERA supplied a vessel bridge trailer for safe and legal delivery and off-loaded with 2 x 50mt cranes.


The delivery destination was in rural area, so TERA faced several challenges like power and communication cables. However, all obstacles were overcome by TERA’s specialised and well trained team. Upon arrival at the final destination, TERA also faced narrow turns and a small entrance gate which had to be dismantled.