TERA Projects & Shipping Dismantle and Relocate Manufacturing Machinery

PPG Member, TERA Projects & Shipping in Malaysia have dismantle a complete manufacturing machine and all its components in a factory located in Kapar, Selangor, Malaysia and concluded the delivery to the client’s new factory, located 15 kilometres away. The overall project comprised 60,000 tonnes.


TERA deployed a low loader trailer and multi axle trailer for the transportation and utilised 2 x 45 tonne cranes to lift the dismantled machines onto their trailers. As the client’s new factory is located in a rural area, in order to avoid huge obstacles by travelling through main roads, TERA opted to utilise village roads, but had to overcome many power cables (TNB) and communication cables


TERA utilised approved equipment to lift all the cables and managed to avoid any unexpected occurrences during the challenging journey with their experienced drivers and escort team.