TransGroup in Top 25 Green Transport Companies List


PPG USA Project Forwarding Member, TransGroup Worldwide Logistics, has just received some ‘green’ recognition from one of our main industry publications - Inbound Logistics Magazine. It’s the first time they’ve featured the Green 25, so PPG is delighted that TransGroup have made the list. To review the digital version of the publication please click on the following link: or the Inbound Logistics Logo left.


In today’s global business environment, it’s not enough simply to be green. Companies need to be greener. Becoming sustainable requires a fluid process of constantly evaluating performance and efficiency, measuring inputs and outputs, and exploring better ways to produce and transport goods in a more earth-friendly manner. Otherwise, how can you benchmark

progress and set goals if you don’t know what you’re capable of? Inbound Logistics’ inaugural 25 Green Supply Chain Partners (G25) presents a similar exercise in objectivity. Their list of sustainable supply chain visionaries, like TransGroup, offers a snapshot of what industry is doing to become more efficient and eco-friendly.

Inbound Logistics selected companies that aren’t just spinning green, they are living and breathing proof of the value sustainability brings to the enterprise. These companies aren’t just creating carbon-less footprints; they’re leaving a deep and indelible impression on industry and consumers alike. The purpose of this index is twofold. Inbound Logistics want to celebrate companies that are on the cutting edge of green; and to provide shippers with examples of how service providers are making the sustainability leap, and justification for why they are a cut above.

PPG and TransGroup are Members of SmartWay, the United States Environmental Protection Agency. PPG and its members will constantly strive to explore eco-friendly transport solutions and other initiatives that increase energy efficiency while significantly reducing greenhouse gases and air pollutants.