TransProject's Generous Donations to Salvation Army Shelter in time for Christmas



TransProject LLC has this week delivered the first "Santa Sleigh" full of Christmas gifts to the Salvation Army Shelter in Houston. The first delivery comprised 72 stocking stuffed with goodies for the kids and a Wii system and accessories for the shelter day room. The shelter staff were extremely grateful. The shelter director, was unfortunately home sick but her staff called her and she actually drove in to see what we had delivered. She called Susan St. Germain and was actually crying when she thanked her. She told Susan that TransProject saved Christmas for them this year. Now - this was only the first delivery. TransProject will finish shopping this week and will have two more loads to deliver to the Shelter.



TransProject also raised enough money to purchase each of the 70 children a gift valued at $20.00. There are 50 mothers and each will also receive a $20.00 gift card. They also raised enough money to purchase $500 worth of $20.00 Walgreens gift cards. The generosity of the TransProject staff is overwhelming and this week a "Santa Sleigh #2" will be delivering the balance of items to the shelter.


An odd thing happened during the shopping spree. Susan and her ever-reliable side-kick, Shirley Castaing were in Walmart as they had a generous $500.00 gift-card donation. With three baskets under their arms and got confused about what they had and were trying to figure out what they needed. A woman approached them and asked what they were doing. Susan and Shirley briefly explained it to her. She started telling that she had 7 kids (and a pregnancy test in her cart) and that she was very poor but that there was a time that she needed that kind of help. Tears were flowing from her eyes and Shirley and Susan got a little choked up. She said she always had wanted to do something like we were doing and asked if she could give us money. She also gave lots of good recommendations for gifts for the various ages.


After she walked away Susan realized that she gave $80.00 - and thought for sure that it was a mistake. Shirley and Susan ran all over the store to find the mystery lady. Finally when they caught up with the lady to see if her generous donation was a mistake, she started crying again and said that she meant to give the $80.00 - it wasn't much but it was all she had. Unbelievable really. To give a couple of strangers your last $80.00 in Walmart.


The Salvation Army Shelter was overjoyed and all of us at PPG also thank Susan and her team at TransProject for their generosity, and also for keeping the dream alive for so many needy children and their families..