Triple Desert Assault - PPG Members team up to deliver 18 transformers in Lybia


Three PPG Members have teamed up to deliver a consignment of transformers to Ghadames, 549 km southwest of Tripoli, near the borders with Algeria and Tunisia. The joint project to transport 18 high voltage transformers from the Port of Sétubal in Portugal to Lybia involved PPG members for Belgium Polytra N.V., Alship Navegação in Portugal, and Roland Spedition in Lybia. Polytra co-ordinated the project on behalf of Siemens Belgium with Alship Navegação ensuring safe shipment from the Port of Sétubal while Roland Spedition GmbH in Lybia was responsible for the reception, delivery and discharge of the transformers at a number of pumping station sites.



Mr. Houssam Ammar of Roland Spedition in Libya advised “It was  a hard job with the difficult and strong customs regulations in Libya and specially the long trip between the port of Misurata (which is the biggest port in Libya) and various delivery locations with a distance over than 800 km, along the libyan, tunasian and algerien border deep into the desert and very high temprature with more than 40 degrees and without any civilization - only hot, long and never-ending roads - we can say that it was a pleasure for us to do this job. At least we found lot of new friends at the desert - hundreds of camels!”.


Mr. Marc De Weerdt of Polytra in Belgium added “Although the weights are not that spectacular, the destinations in Lybia, however, made it a true challenge. Travelling around in the Lybian deserts with 50 tonne transformers is not your everyday work. The lead time between negotiations and the first shipment was almost 12 months. The total duration of the project will be close to 18 months.  A major challenge was that the initial carrier did not perform the second time and we had to find within 48 hours an alternative at the same conditions as was agreed. but we managed to remain within the original budget offered”.


Four out of five deliveries have been successfully carried out with the last shipment scheduled this month. The five final destination points were located as follows:


Power Station 1 - Ghadames - finished

Power Station 2 - Derj - finished

Power Station 3 - Sinwawin - finished

Power Station 4 - Nalut - finished

Power Station 5 - Al-Sawia – End March 2010


PPG general manager Kevin Stephens said the project demonstrated excellent teamwork to complete a challenging project. “I would like to congratulate our members on again demonstrating the value of utilising their specialist skills and drawing on an international network that is dedicated to working together to meet the needs of clients who seek solutions to complex logistical tasks,” Mr Stephens said.

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