CTO Do Brasil Worldwide Logistics have successfully shipped a 06-axle Heavy Duty Module and its power pack unit from the Port of Rio de Janeiro to the Port of San Antonio in a Ro/Ro Vessel. The loading and unloading of the module to/from the vessel has been done by its own means with the power pack unit and a wireless control.

Wangfoongs first truck to move via HZMB

The “Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge” (HZMB), connecting Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau, was officially opened on 24th October 2-18. The HZMB is the first direct land-based passage to and from Hong Kong, Zhuhai, and Macau. Compared with the traditional waterways.

PPG is delighted to advise the appointment of Polytra SACL as its new member for South Africa and we congratulate Mr. Marc De Weerdt and his team on their appointment.

Project Professionals Group’s 11th annual conference in Portland, Oregon, USA from 26-28 September 2018 delivered informative sponsor presentations and productive member meetings while also providing attendees with the opportunity to experience the “City of Roses”.

Shin-Jo Logitech Co., Ltd. Korea, have successfully and safely concluded a mega project shipment for the petrochemical industry from Korea to China. The overall volume totalled 5,200cbm including 2 units, each 41.00m x 6.50m x 6.60m / 679tonnes; and 2 units 19.50m x 5.90m x 6.80m / 230tonnes.


In an impressive operation, Shin-Jo's overall scope included:


1. Transportation plan from shipper's factory to POD in China

PPG is delighted to advise the appointment of Emu Lines as its new member for Southern India and we congratulate Mr. Arun Agarwal & Mr. Munish Verma and their team on their appointment.

CTO do Brasil has successfully shipped 28 units of Caterpillar Trucks and Excavators to Jebel Ali. The Trucks and Excavators were transported from shipper’s plant to Port of Outeiro, North Brazil by two barges, and then, transhipped to a breakbulk vessel for shipment to Jebel Ali, UAE.

PPG Member in Malaysia, TERA Projects & Shipping have arranged the delivery of a Malt Treatment Tank from Lianyungang, China to Penang, Malaysia. The tank dimensions, including the saddle, were L12.000m x 4.350m diameter / 35 mt.


TERA’s scope was to deliver the unit to the client’s door located 50km away from Penang port. Due to the 4.350m height, coupled with legal highway height limit of only 5.200m, TERA supplied a vessel bridge trailer for safe and legal delivery and off-loaded with 2 x 50mt cranes.

PPG Member in Malaysia, TERA Projects & Shipping have delivered US Army trucks, discharged from US Navy Ship “Ocean Grand” at Kuantan Port, Pahang, Malaysia to Senawang Army base, Negeri Sembilan. The overall project comprised 20,000 mt. TERA supplied low loader trailers and platform trailers to load all the trucks. Malaysia’s Army escorted the trailers from the Port through to the Senawang Army base.

PPG Member in Malaysia, TERA Projects & Shipping, have successfully delivered a Ammonia Converter Basket from Genoa, Italy to Westports, Port Klang, Malaysia. The overall project comprised 80,000 mt.