Student Testimonials


How have you benefited by completing the Certificate of Achievement Project Cargo Management?


Shanghai, March, 2016


 “This course has helped strategize and improve know how about projects.: - Scan Global Logistics, Shanghai


“Provided knowledgeable insight into project management. Learning new methods and means outside of existing business activities” - Volga-Dnepr UK Ltd


“This course helped me develop a clearer understanding of project cargo management.” - CSL-Vastwin, Nanjing


“It gave me great ideas to be applied in my working environment with real life examples of actual projects.” - Fracht, Shanghai


“We have a better understanding of how project forwarding is being done outside our company. Benchmarking is really important to improve performance.”


“It will make the language used in my quotations much more interesting.” - Antrak, Philippines Transport Solutions Corporation


“It was very practical and will increase my confidence managing projects.” - Tehama Shipping Services, Basrah


“Provided lots of knowledge and broadened my horizons.”


Helped to improve my management skills.”


“Made me feel more confident with management of breakbulk, and also communicating with effective emails”.- Martin Bencher, Shanghai


Mumbai, February, 2016


“The course has been very useful and will help me to improve my written and oral skills which will help to win more business. It will also help me utilize my time better by discarding wasteful/unimportant work and concentre more on important/urgent matters” - Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“The course has been of benefit in terms of understanding terms, communication with clients, and various ways to win more project business” - Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“To think outside the box and present our company in a unique way” - Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“Good for upcoming project managers. It helped with good ideas about how to present yourself to customers, and how to be different to others” - Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“More confidence. Since I am working in general freight forwarding I was not aware much about project business” - Express Global Logistics Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“This course will help me in giving a better presentation and submitting tenders in a more professional manne.” - Emu Lines Pvt Ltd, Mumbai


“Interesting issues about clients’ perceptions of freight forwarders, and useful insight on how to stand out.” - Hemisphere Freight Services Limited, England


“Helping to organise your work especially preparing presentations and client offers and using effective business language”  - Karl Gross, Hamburg


Houston, October, 2015


“I learnt about what the client really wants and how to communicate better with them.” - GLT Inc, Miami


“Refreshed my thinking, and how to be different from the rest in our industry.” - SAC Internacional S.A., Guatemala


“I understand more now of what the freight forwarding business is and does, and how this relates to my role as a project logistics operator.” - Siemens Energy, Florida


“Met interesting people and learnt more about project cargo management.” - CTO Group, Brazil


“It has been great to learn how to communicate better in business English, because it is not my native language.” - SAC Internacional S.A., Guatemala


“It got me thinking outside the box.” - Cemex, Mexico


“I think it was very useful. People that attended shared great experiences from different perspectives.” - Fletes Mex SA, Mexico


“Many benefits. Commercially it will be very helpful.” - Intercom Transporte Internacional, Mexico


“It helped me to totally understand every aspect of project cargo management.” - Alabama Benin Trade Forum


“It was very good.” - Dacotrans De Centroamerica, Honduras


Shanghai, March 2014


A great introduction to the project shipping word and making good contacts - Global Freight Solutions (Sweden)


The course is something unique with the combination of the expertise in projects and communication the key to winning the project. I have learnt a lot from the course - Patent International Logistics Co Ltd (China)


I increased my knowledge of project shipping and communication. Thanks for your efforts - CCCC International Shipping Corp (China)


This course was really useful to increase my knowledge. It helped me with more ideas, more information about writing skills and improved my communication with clients. We will apply this knowledge in our jobs - Vantage Logistics Corporation (Vietnam)


I gained good knowledge to be applied in the workplace. The course is important to generate new business and improve client satisfaction and services - Navicega (Venezuela)


It changed my thinking and increased my knowledge - Speed Up International Logistics Co Ltd (China)


It improved my communications with clients. The course was very good providing me with lots of information about project forwarding - Beijing Huayou International Logistics and Engineering Services (China)


A very good training course that helped me to understand project cargo management - GEFCO International Logistics (China)


It will bring many benefits, especially for transporting breakbulk and heavy-lift cargo. This course has opened the door to more knowledge about how to approach both transportation and communication aspects of project cargo management - Royal Cargo Combined Logistics Inc (Philippines)


Rohlig In-House Program, Brisbane, February 2014


I have earned a lot in these 2 days, especially on the communication side. Furthermore it was good to get an insight into various projects that have been handled before. I especially like the tenders we had to submit.


A good introduction to project logistics and communication techniques.  Also good to see some examples of project logistics.


Helped understand client expectations better. Gave some insight into what can be involved with heavy lift movements.


Better understanding of what is needed for projects and I will be able to manage and handle project enquiries better.


Looking forward to using some of the things that I have learned.


Better understanding of project scope and requirements.


Increased my knowledge about project movements.


Expanded my knowledge and created need for further discussions within the office and company.


It has shown me how clients judge us. Revealed need to use crises plan in tender submissions and that communication is vital in our business success.


I am looking forward to using course tools such as the project checklist, and the communication presentations were helpful.


Townley Group International, In-House Program, Brisbane, January 2014


The course has provided a good introduction to the management of project cargo and how to approach clients and quote. I especially enjoyed the communication part of the course.


As I am new to the industry the course exercises gave me an insight into the bigger picture, and how important communication is. I thoroughly enjoyed both parts of the course.


I love listening to others in our industry that have such interesting experiences. The course is a great way to learn more about project cargos and their movement in a visual way.


The course has provided a new way to approach tenders and preparing quotes.


I learnt to see things from the client’s point of view.


The course has made me re-assess the way I do things in the workplace.


This has opened my eyes to new ways to communicate with our clients.


New Orleans, September 2013


How has this course been of benefit?


I appreciated the opportunity to take the PPG Project Cargo Management certification class in New Orleans last. There were a host of points made that were eye-openers. Kevin put together a great package of tools and lessons. One of the main points was how to see project cargo management through the eyes of the client. He showed us how to put together a major project tender so that it is fluid and grabs the client's attention and sets us apart from other forwarders.


There was a team building exercise as well. He put us in teams based similarly to the 'DISC' behavior chart we learned in the sales training, but this was the 'Lion, Owl, Horse, Monkey' version. I was a 'Lion' and the leader of our group. We put together an executive summary and presented to Kevin and Rodger as if they were the clients. We received a 9 of 10! Learned what not to put in there and what to use in the summary to stand out.


One of the beneficial tools was a quick formula for chartering rates for budgetary indications when information is limited, but a client needs something. We also received a flash drive loaded with priceless information from Kevin's past projects and other learning tools.


I highly recommend it for all experience levels - TransProject LLC, USA


Great tips on writing and great insight into what client’s want to hear. Great information overall - Reilly International, USA


The course has helped me to understand that good communication to our clients is paramount in order to be successful to be awarded important projects. The proper language in presenting to clients is vital - RH Shipping and Chartering (USA and Mexico)


Increased knowledge of what project forwarders view as their customer needs. Better understanding of communication aspect from the forwarder - Siemens Energy, USA


It has expanded my spectrum of knowledge about the industry - Port of South Louisiana


The part about communication was good, a lot to improve from both myself and the company. Extended knowledge of projects and their complexity - Greencarrier Freight Services, Norway


Improved my knowledge of breakbulk sector - International Transport Services, Argentina


Great benefit out of the tests, communication aspects and team profiles - International Freight Transport, USA


I have a better idea about and understand the logistics chain. I have another point of view. Communication aspects will help reduce mistakes - Tayrona Offshore Services, Colombia


Singapore, June 2013


I have learnt a lot about industry communication and the importance of “separating yourself from the pack” and setting yourselves from others in terms of innovation and critical thinking. I hope that some knowledge I have hgained will assist in writing tenders and winning business and generally being persuasive in business - NMT Projects, Australia


This course will help us to get more breakbulk business. It will also enhance more effective business communications - East West Freight Carriers, India


Thanks for sharing your wonderful experiences and knowledge - DSV Baltship, Singapore


This course has been very informative on issues that I normally have not yet come across - NMT International, Thailand


The sessions on the clients’ perspective and requirements allows and does help me to better understand client needs. It’s really not about how we think, but rather view customer thoughts and requirements is most important - Agility Project Logistics, Singapore


The personality profile and aspects of how the customer perceives us is very beneficial.In addition, aspects of setting us apart from others - Agility Project Logistics, Singapore


The course made me understand the importance of writing skills with appropriate words and client perspectives - Global Airfreight International, Singapore


I gained additional valuable information in handlong OOG shipments as well as vital communication skills - Agility Project Logistics, Singapore


This course definitely added more knowledge for project cargoes - Greencarrier, China


Excellent suggestions on how to make an offer with some key words and how to respond to unrealistic demands - ADSO LLC, U.A.E.


The course has given me a great insight into project forwarding and given me a keen interest to learn more. The information provided during the course has also given me valuable tools I can use in my daily work - Greencarrier, China


I can definitely use this information Internally to a wider audience and benefit more people within our organization - Agility Project Logistics, Singapore


This course most certainly has refreshed my overview - Griffin Kinetic, Singapore


Antwerp, May 2013


Would love one day longer as there is so much information in two days. Probably one of the most important lessons is to think from the clients’ side - Seacon Logistics, Netherlands


Coming from the client side, I have reacquired the forwarders point of view which I had forgotten. There was a lot of valuable information which will prove useful for my daily work, especially the estimation session, as well as the communication sessions - Initec, Spain


Different points of view and alternative thinking that will definitely help me in the future - Karl Gross GmbH, Germany


The course assisted me greatly in technical language skills used in the industry - Al Mahri Cargo, U.A.E.


Tremendous knowledge and skills of project cargo management - Pantos Logistics, Spain


This course gave me more information about client demands and this will for sure improve my knowledge and future approach - Varamar, Ukraine


The course gave me a lot of information to absorb and a lot of things I have never thought of before. I hope I can now increase my experience in our project department due to information provided - T-Link Management, Switzerland


The course has definitely strengthened my knowledge - SAGA, France


Definitely broadened my knowledge on specific topics - Technicas Reunidas, Spain


The course showed me how to communicate better - S.C SBA Freight, Cyprus


Better understanding of opportunities – excellent work - Schenker Khimji's, Oman


The course allowed me to better understand project cargo – Thank you - Al Mahri Cargo Services, U.A.E.


Shanghai, March 2013


Definitely helpful at management level on how to successfully deliver projects to different groups of people - Canaan Group, Canada


Great knowledge of the industry and materials in USB stick. Extremeley useful tips from presenters including rules of communication a real benefit - Jiangsu Haihang International Logistics, China


The course provided me with a tremendous insight and overview of the clients’ side of the fence - Royal Cargo Combined Logistics, Philippines


This course gave me an overview of the project industry and taught me how to make impressions and calculations for each enquiry - Maxima Company, Vietnam


Trainers are extremely knowledgeable - Westlink Shipping, Australia


Congratulations. The group exercises with other industry members was very helpful. We are are a shipping company, so learning from the side of freight forwarders and clients was extremely helpful and informative - Westlink Shipping, Australia


The course definitely made me think about how to think and how the customer thinks - DB Schenker, China


The course really showed me how to manage projects throughout the entire procedure - Bollore Africa Logistics, China


Definitely improved my knowledge of concepts and principles - Sinotrans Limited, China


Knowledge gained for tender processes and follow-up and changed my way of thinking and personality analysis - Bollore Africa Logistics, China


Great case studies and group work - Geodis Wilson, China


Comprehensive and overall knowledge and experience. Professional with customer orientation and way of thinking. Good reminder on crisis communication and people/cargo safety - A. Hartrodt, China


Very constructive with the examples and easy to understand - Bollore Adrica Logistics, China


Great benefit gained. I learnt a lot from the course and found it valuable - Bollore Africa Logistics, China


Provided a great knowledge in project forwarding industry. Many thanks - Global Link Service, Cambodia


Great information and tips about project cargo - CH Robinson, Hong Kong


Excellent experience sharing by presenters - CH Robinson, Hong Kong


Dubai, December 2012


“Improving proposal skills, good advice on communication skills and tender writing.”


“Gives good information about project forwarding in general.”


“A lot of information was provided that was useful, questions were answered well.”


“Provided valuable information in terms of handling oversize heavy projects. The requirements and things to check while handling projects was explained and emphasis was put on the areas to convince and impress clients which is very important.”


“The course has improved both communication and understanding of the business.”


“The course will assist with day-to-day operations.”


“Helped to improve my business communication and ways to handle project forwarding.”


“It has given me a much broader understanding of how to price projects, be aware of the pitfalls and how to handle projects efficiently.” - Inchape Shipping Services, Middle East


“The course will help to understand better key issues concerning upcoming projects.”


“Very important and good training with valuable information that will help in the future” - Almajdouie Logistics


Houston, October 2012


“It has demonstrated the depth of knowledge needed in order to become the best project cargo professional in the industry.”    - Samsung Engineering America


“It has provided an eye opening outline of how I should present myself and company, as well as providing great resources.” - Transproject LLC


“It gave me an insight into another point of view.” – Flinter Shipping

“Will be able to communicate better with customers.” - Port of San Antonio


“The importance to think as a customer, and to analyze how our company can stand out among the others.”  - Multi Trans Inc


“The information from the course was very valuable.” - Green World Shipping LLC


“The project cargo professional communication presentation was indeed a gem.” – American International Line

Shanghai, February 2012


“Seeing things from the forwarders perspective in contrast to the client’s side. Learned new insights regarding what to expect from the industry.”    - Wartsila Finland Oy


“Very useful for heavy cargo management. Offered a new way of thinking about the business.”  - A My Transports and Services Corp


“Good for not only improving our know-how about project cargo, but also how to improve communication and negotiation skills.” - China Wellfast Logistics Co Ltd


“Highlighted the client’s point of view when preparing for a project and carrying out a complex project.” - Kuehne-Nagel


“Improved my understanding of project cargo management, tender writing and project cargo handling.”  - MAS Global Express & Logistics


“Identified many interesting aspects of working in project cargo from experienced professionals.” - Expeditors International Pty. Ltd


“Provided more understanding of client thinking and tips on how to ensure the success of project forwarding.”  - Al Majdouie Group


“Learned everything that is important about how to handle the management of project cargo from the very first stage to completion.”  - C.H. Robinson Worldwide Co. Ltd


New Orleans, October 2011


“We have nothing but praise for the course and the way it was presented. It was the best course I have ever been to on re project forwarding. it was so good to hear all the complete open information from a man of such astute experience” - Servitrans, Inc., USA

“The course was fantastic and I'm very happy to have attended it, it has given me a greater understanding of what to expect from forwarders and has given me many ideas on how to issue requests for tender. I found the group work one of the best components because I learned by doing rather than listening and the group task allowed for us to actually access and use all that we've learned during the course.” - Sandvik Mining and Construction, Canada

“Hands on, great take away information.  The knowledge sharing was the BEST I have EVER experienced in 30+ years.” Reilly International

 “This course has broadened my knowledge on the project cargo industry.  The new techniques and approaches taught are going to be used by my company in future projects.” - Cargomax Worldwide Logistics

“Overall understanding of customer/freight forwarder relationship improved.” - DHL Global Forwarding Texas

“Especially liked that the course went beyond ‘just’ projects.  Insights gained apply to aspects for beyond Project Forwarding. - Via Mat International

“Very informative and it will increase my knowledge on the project forwarding side.” - Transcontinental Shipping Services

“It helps to reflect on  ‘how are we selling our services’ and the proper way of issuing tender offers.” - Interflex SA

“The course has given me a better perspective on the customer needs and how to fulfill them in a better way.” Mitsui Power Development

“It has reinforced my opinion of the general state of our industry, while also bringing to mind details, that at times, we tend to over look in our every day operations.” - Servitrans

“It made me re-evaluate how to give quotes. What I need to see from the customers perspective.” - Reilly International

“It has opened up my mind in thinking more like the client when presenting bids.  It has demonstrated the importance of working together in a brain storm session to come up with a coherent proposal”. DHL Global Forwarding, Texas

“Great, especially the emphasis on communications and the time I am wasting checking emails!” Superior Freight Services



“Has helped me better understand the main concepts of project cargo management and provided me with additional material to further my learning.” - DHL Global Forwarding Texas

“It has provided a helpful tool to introduce quotes and communications to the client.” - Servitrans

“It has put me in contact with service providers and has clarified some concepts, procedures and terms.” Energy International

“Better perspective on project cargo and everything involved with the process.  Lots of good general forwarding information.” UNI International

“I have a better vision of how my company fits into the project forward game, and have begun to develop a clear game plan to propel Uni International into a new ‘niche’ within the ‘project’ game.  Really like the info on Key Word / Standing Out from other forwarders – Being Unique.  Love the personality profile exercise!” UNI International


“Opening our mind to think on how to further separate ourselves and not bore the client with the same old repetitive jargon.” - Transprojects

“The class was insightful, great knowledge was being shared and it give me a very solid understanding of our industry and what to do better for the future.” - MIG Express, Nashua, NH, USA


“It helped broaden my scope of responsibilities and awareness.” – Fedex Trade Networks




 “I was very impressed by the host of knowledge shared during the seminar. It is a lot more than what most people would expect it to be, and I truly believe that everybody - whether a newcomer to our industry, or a seasoned professional with decades of experience such as myself - will get great value from this course. It encourages everyone to take a fresh look at one's daily work and sales approach, the processes involved, and how to improve upon them.” Sea-Concert, Thailand

I learnt more in two days with Kevin and Rodger than I have in the past three years – Tradewinds, Australia


This course has been of great benefit for me which will help me to improve my project cargo knowledge.” – Navegacao Angola


“I believe that the course will help me to understand more about this industry.” - O.Lisboa Despachos Internacionais, Brazil


“It shaped my mind about how to think outside the square. I understand better the client’s point of view that is very important. I strongly recommend this course to everyone in the business.” Alship Navegacao, Portugal


PERTH, May 2011


The course covered many areas of a project and utilised these in a unique project exercise that needed to be solved and considered from an out of the square view. The course also demonstrated that presentation can always be improved, and is vital. Sadleirs Global Logistics


Has been a good experience providing a different approach to proposal formulation/construction. Highlighted importance of selection of terminology to standout with peers within industry.Sadleirs Global Logistics


Presenters shared a wealth of knowledge as experts in their fields. It was an absolute pleasure to draw on this and have their personal attention. DB Schenker Australia


Has alerted me to look at what we do more from a client’s point of view especially regarding tenders and presentations. Geodis Wilson


It raised some things to think about, eg how to communicate information about the company and myself to customers etc. Formulation of ideas for tender submissions are very useful. SAL Shipping Australia


SINGAPORE, January 2011


Thanks for the chance to get to know you and all the knowledge you have shared with us. I personally found that the course provide us valuable information to improve our cargo project management. Vietnam Shipping Services, Ho Chi Minh City


Very good and practical. Great Circle Line, Dubai


I will certainly put many aspects of the course into practice. Sarjak Container Lines, Mumbai, India


It has clarified some doubts and helped to provide a clear understanding of important issues. MCS Logistics, Mumbai, India


Gave me some new skills, particularly quick freight calculations. Expolanka Freight, Colombo, Sri Lanka


Exposed me to strategies to set me apart from the ‘crowd’. DB Logistics, Mumbai, India


The course has made me think differently about project freight forwarding. Schenker LLC, Dubai


Very informative. I would recommend this course to others. TransProject LLC, Houston


HOUSTON, October 2010


It was a great way to make you think about what you are doing ... and what you could do better. - Miller and Thompson Forwarding (USA)


Gave me a new insight and ideas on how to effectively manage projects and what to watch for, avoid and keep an eye on. - ITN (Canada)


New focus on how to differentiate from competitors and stand out. The crisis management advice was very beneficial. - Emo Trans (USA)


The documents provided should be very helpful in preparing bids. I will definitely work on my communication skills as this remains an important part of customer/client relations. - DB Schenker (USA)


Reminded me how important it is to pay attention to details in order to avoid risks. Hansa Meyer Global (Mexico)


It has opened up my understanding of the project forwarding sector and given me added confidence to tackle enquiries. Quality Freight (UK)


Helped to improve our proposals for bids ... consider more the customer’s point of view when they evaluate proposals. MIQ Logistics (Peru)


Course was insightful and interesting. Expeditors (USA)


A lot of new ideas to put into practice. Port of Savador (Brazil)


Good tips to put in to practice when back in the real world. Helped blow out some of the cobwebs and make me think about how to differentiate from other project forwarders. Panalpina (USA)


The tender writing skills were very useful. Tri-Net Logistics (USA)


SINGAPORE, January, 2010


I wish to thank you for all of the material that you have supplied. Even though I am currently working on the “client” side of the fence, for my own personal professional development I found the course extremely informative and constructive. I was impressed that the course content challenges the students to think outside the square, giving an insight into communication techniques that can help with negotiation and with both contract development and management and providing basic industry tools that when implemented will allow the students to provide their clients over and above the minimum services that they will be expecting. Whilst the knowledge gained was worth the cost of the course alone, I believe the biggest benefit was the ability to network with colleagues based worldwide and discuss the key issues such as where the industry is at, freight markets and challenges that we all face, this is invaluable and a key part of the success of the course structure. - Calibre Projects Pty Ltd, BROCKMAN 4 PROJECT


Course was informative and definitely it will help us in our future dealings with clients. It was great knowing you. Wish you all the best and let's keep in touch. - Rajeev Sood, General Manager – Agility Logistics, Hong Kong


I believe both Leo and I learnt a lot from your 2-day course. It was certainly worthwhile to stop what we have and be there. - WPC Marine & Offshore Services Singapore


Thanks very much for the interesting information provided during the 2 days course including the video entertainment sessions of course. I feel we learnt a lot of useful tips and tricks on how to deal with Project Cargoes in today’s business environment as well it was an excellent opportunity to expand our network of professionals since that’s what we need after all to deliver the global solution. Be in touch with all of your for sure. - Ahlers Bridge Hong Kong Ltd


It has given me new ideas/concepts on how to conduct business in today’s environment. - Simon Sachu, Trade Line Director - Agility Logistics (Hong Kong)


This course has really benefited me and I will go back to my workplace and pass this information to my colleagues. – Sajen Simon - M&M International Logistics (Kazakhstan)


This course has given more global exposure as well as insights to various situations, and the presentations on tender submission was of immense help. M&M International Logistics (Kazakhstan)


I am confident that I have much more knowledge before I enter the door of a project client. – Christos Spyrou, General Manager - TransGroup Worldwide Logistics (Hong Kong and Greater China)


This has given me more ideas about the project cargo business and the different requirements to other freight forwarding. TransGroup Asia (China) Worldwide Logistics, Shanghai


Very informative and provided greater knowledge concerning business practices. PT WPC Project and Logistics Services (Singapore)


Great help on how to budget for a project and how to deal with everyone involved more effectively. Vantage Logistics Corp (Vietnam)


Not just a great course but a friendly meeting environment for all members of the group to network. – Vantage Logistics Corp (Vietnam)


Will definitely be useful to me when dealing with clients.- Sri Ganesh Forwarders (India)


Great. This will help with upcoming projects. – Sri Ganesh Forwarders (India)


A great help in further visualising an international project. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. - V. Pack & Move (Bangkok) Co., Ltd (Thailand)


A great insight in to how other companies do projects and what is involved. Thank you again for the training. - LESCHACO (Thailand) Ltd


I learnt many things in this training that will be useful in my daily work. Royal Cargo Combined Logistics (Philippines)


Valuable concepts that cover a number of industry fields, not just in shipping. Frieght Line (Maldives)


This information will certainly help us to give better presentations to perspective client and help win the business. Freight Forwarding Services (Bahrain)


Much knowledge gained about project cargo and sharing experiences and networking. Freight Links International (Sri Lanka)


Provides good general idea of the different aspects of project forwarding and also business in general, delivered clearly and easily understood and has been very beneficial. MegaLift (Malaysia)


It has given me tips and ideas in a number of areas which will be valuable both in shipping and customer services. Thanks for two good days of interesting learning, input, tips and ideas. - Global Swedish Freight Solutions AB, Sweden


It has been an excellent experience where the trainers helped to identify improvements on how to manage project cargo. Navigators Logistics


Provided an insight in to what potential clients expect with lots of tips.Ahlers (Hong Kong)


Provided a much better understanding of client requirements and important aspects of business management. Caravel Logistics (India)


BREMEN, October, 2009


Good for freight forwarders from different countries through sharing knowledge and information. - Magdenli Transport, Turkey


Many topics were really interesting and worthwhile. I discovered many more ways of seeing the business and I now feel more confident to work on a project. The business communication skills complimented the real life experiences of the project cargo world. - TransProjects, USA


It was good that the course lead by two people, one with a high knowledge of forwarding and one to cover aspects of business communication. - Roland Spedition, Germany


A lot of useful information which would be helpful in my job and project implementation ... the whole program was good and varied. - TBM Technologie und Baumaschinen, Germany


On the communication level, I learnt a lot from the course .... My future presentations and tenders to clients will be much better than before. - Salammbo Logistics, Tunisia


This course has given me a better understanding of the tender process for large project cargos. - TransProject, USA


The insight into how clients approach tenders and how they are awarded has given me an inside look on the best approach to take. The communication side also provided very helpful information. - Quality Freight Group, Ireland


A lot of new good points to use in the future. - DSV Air & Sea AM, Sweden


This course has been of benefit to me regarding how to separate yourself from other freight forwarders. – Alfa Lodgistics, Ukraine


The course has made me re-think the way we conduct business. - DSV Air & Sea A/S, Denmark


More knowledge gained about projects ... the session on tenders gave suggestions we can use. - DSV Air & Sea A/S, Denmark


It has expanded my network of contacts and shared knowledge. I have learnt a lot about communicating ... at a high level. - DSV Air & Sea A/S, Denmark


Meeting new contacts and considering industry issues from a different perspective. - DHL Global Forwarding, Germany


MUMBAI, January, 2009

Very helpful. Excellent information for the beginning of a career in project freight forwarding. All the examples make it easy to remember what can go wrong. I wish I had taken this course two years ago. - Polytra, Belgium.

This course has definitely been beneficial because it has opened my eyes to new ways of looking at forwarding both project and containerized. The course had a list of insightful tips and tricks of the trade which will help me for a long time. - Triple Crown Shipping, UAE.

Fabulous. Indeed worthy enough to guide my working life. Hope to see same type of course every year with more knowledge to share. - OEL Group, Bahrain.


This course has been quite useful providing a vast/wide understanding of handling project cargo. - Leo Transport, Thailand.


Awareness about ... all the processes involved with project cargo must be handled carefully. Communication is very important to all businesses. - Leo Transport, Thailand.

This course has helped me get an overview of all the complexities in project cargo. - Express Transport, India.

This course has been beneficial to me in every way. Training was by great, professional and well educated and experienced trainers. - Globalink, Kazakhstan.

This course has polished my skills on project handling and business communication as well. - Globalink, Kazakhstan.

I have enriched myself with the knowledge and experience imparted by the trainers. I can work to be a better employee and team player. - Royal Cargo, Philippines.

The biggest benefit was that the training put into perspective a number of concepts. A fresh perspective on new ways of looking at what has become routine. The business communication was useful by applying the principles of clarity. - Khalidia International Shipping, UAE.

Provided a broad overview of the project cargo business. – South Eastern Roadways, India